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Monday, June 15, 2009

Exam time

Looks like I am the "bad guy" tonight. My teenage son is out about town on some scavenger hunt with friends who will be leaving for college. We have agreements (or so I thought) about checking in & answering calls when out. I suppose it is super "uncool" to have that connection, but with our family situation, it is a necessity. Several hours into this event, he chooses NOT to respond to call but texts me info that he'll be back within the hour & can't talk.

I am all about the peer bonding thing! I thrived in it every summer when I was a camp counselor. But there does lie a certain responsibility which needs to be upheld. As a single parent, I get the "best" of both worlds. I have fumed enough, put my thoughts & consequences in writing....

He's home, safe (pissed off at me, no doubt). Here comes one of those great tests of parenting 101...