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Friday, May 21, 2010

Outta the ZONE... comfort zone

Can I say that Senior year of high school has to be one of the most expensive years of school (other than university). Since I wasn't working, funds were at a critical level, so every expense was evaluated for priority. So the studio pictures for Senior year didn't happen. I was going to have a photographically talented friend take on this task, but alas, the family schedules never seemed to gel at the same time. I took on the task with some trepidation, as I seem to work best with objects & animals rather than people. But.. time was slipping away and quickly. Grabbed the point & shoot digital, kid & a couple of outfits & head to a local park & then I have always enjoyed the sitting on the train tracks pictures (I see it as a metaphor for the long track ahead in life...wherever it may lead) so I planned out a trip there as well.

The time of day was less than desirable for a couple of these shots, but we actually had sunshine of a good portion of the day & I had to work with what I had. Regardless, I am rather pleased with several of these. I see room for improvement for things I may do in the future.

When bringing these to a local photo kiosk, I had an employee tell me that making unauthorized copies of professional photos was against policy. With a big grin I told him that I took these photos & he then inquired if I was a professional photographer. Hmmmm?Made my day!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I live in a house filled with control freaks! Each one of us has a particular way of completing a task. Heaven forbid if you leave something incomplete!

Example: the yard was in desperate, DESPERATE need of cutting today. We have had a previous week of rain & cool temperatures which did not aid in the drying out. I had cut around the property line & the driest sections & was going to return to do the "swampland" portion after a bit of a break, letting the mid morning sun dry stuff up a bit. Next thing I hear is the lawnmower running & my dad is out there finishing up the lawn. Seriously, can one not wait a mere 30 minutes?

My mother is just as bad about laundry. I have a pair of slacks I may have worn for 2 hours end up in the washing machine when she ends up doing a 3rd load (daily). Ridiculous!

I know that when women are pregnant there is a "nesting"instinct. I am curious if as you age, a similar pattern emerges, kind of like "finish all your chores before you no longer can do it independently" mentality.

I love my family dearly, but the aging thing is not going well for either of them. I consider my 98 year old grandmother who until a couple of years ago was still climbing ladders to prune trees in her backyard. This woman is beyond amazing. On her 98th birthday last week, she was re-potting plants as her method of celebration. I hope I have inherited some of that stamina!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have re-entered the work force on a part-time basis, yet I am acquiring additional opportunities for more hours. Quite a shift of pace for not only me but the family as well.

My son has entered the "blogosphere" after inspiration from some of his peers. 13 days in & he is blogging almost daily. Luckily I have been given clearance to read it! So, I must take heed that the student has surpassed the master in yet another facet. I am totally okay with this.

We are almost at the end of the tunnel of high school... a mere 12 days until the graduation ceremony. The frenzy of end of the year banquets & award ceremonies has ceased, leaving us with tranquility for a brief moment or two.