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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Photograph by Alan Ross

Black and white photography captivates me. Light and shadow creates a unique dimension that we rarely see with our eyes. The process of catching this balance has been a challenge in my photographs. Ansel Adams was a pioneer in this art and several have followed. I thank them for the talent they posses and give me goals!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Certainly not like Monet!

A trip to the Art Museum makes me feel inspired to be creative. Perusing through the expansive galleries is a trip through history. When ancient people had nothing more than the tools they created with their bare hands, the meticulous handiwork astounds me.

Today we are provided with gadgets and instructions how to recreate masterpieces... why not establish your own!?

I attempt to free my mind of life's distractions prior to making a trip to the museum in order to fully appreciate the talents of those who toiled (or perhaps not) hours, months, years to create the works that grace the walls of our local (and FREE) cultural venue.

Occasionally I feel a bit intimidated looking at these pieces, frustrated at my limitations in the realm of art. The "mind's eye" is complex going from concept to the process of delivery. Photography is the most satisfying as it is the most direct route.

Perhaps when freeing up my art/creativity space, I shall surround myself with...
artful inspiration!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love your local...

I adore mom & pop shops! With commercialism at its peak in this decade, the independent merchant is struggling to survive (if they haven't already succumbed to pressure) against the "big guys". You are certain to see me perusing the aisles of those stores for the necessities weekly. When looking for a special occasion gift, a hard to find culinary item or unique book, I am more than likely popping into an IR!

Here is a local bookseller (Subterranean Books) that is a refuge for me!

When looking for unique cooking ingredients, I am apt to head to Global Foods and end with a full cart of culinary delights!

Plowsharing Crafts is another gem in our town! All sorts of cool items from all over the world. Like a museum that is hands on (mostly). Earlier this week I saw crucifixes made from empty bullet shells from Liberia. The artist wanted to create peace after the awful devastation that struck that country... I seriously got chills holding it in my hand & reading the card.
On a lighter note... the "singing bowls" are Gabe's go-to item. (I think if we bought one he would never use it).

I could seriously have a whole blog (hmmm??) dedicated to the local merchants that I support or know people directly affiliated with them. Should you ever be so inclined to visit such an establishment in "the 'Lou"... my suggestion is YES! We will all be better off because you did!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Literary Feast!

I have not visited my local library as often as I had last year. I was pleased to see that the previous construction was finally complete. When pursuing my newest literary adventure, I quickly realized the collections had been rearranged. New genres such as art, design seemed to be coaxing me to investigate their pages.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whatever happened to....

random acts of kindness ? Since technology has prevailed in our daily lives, we seem to have cocooned ourselves with headphones, smart phones, mp3 players and assorted electronic media as we journey through our daily lives. The external populous has become white noise in the background.

Customer service (it was once referred to as the 'courtesy center') is more of a "job" such as helping a customer locate a hard to find item or escorting customers to their car. If another some caring citizen were to help an individual to their car, we would immediately jump to the conclusion this person may be some type of perpetrator intending harm.

Yet, when people are asked to help with locating a missing person, donating blood, time or food for a cause, people consider it an intrusion.

Society seems to have become a catalyst for selfishness. Materialism (hell, just watch television for 1 hour on a weekend Saturday morning, that is where it all begins!!)

Monday, July 5, 2010

I dont think I am cruel...

With this awful environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, there has been a concerted effort to save the wildlife of the area. Today I was listening to NPR's Talk of the Nation which brought up the matter again. (Previous story )

The statistics of the longevity of these birds after a rescue/recovery from previous events tells me it is damn expensive & not very effective. Granted that the current "spill" (PLEASE, that is no spill... it is an epic mess!!) encompasses a greater area than previous incidents, but if it is so expensive, shouldn't we look at focusing BP's dwindling bankroll on the people whose livelihoods have been impacted in such a devastating way?

Perhaps rather than trying to save a majority of the "visible" wildlife (who cleans off the fish & shrimp... ) maybe focus on salvaging enough to save the species. Euthanasia may be better than putting these creatures through the traumatic process only to die off either during the process or days afterward.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that those who have dark souls should not procreate!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I have returned!

After a month long absence, I realized that I missed blogging... mindless rambling... whatever!

Since I am still living "hand to mouth", I have been draw to discover FREE entertainment. Recently learned about the podcast phenomena. I've been aware of their existence, but delved deeper in the Internet to find all sorts of interesting music, educational, science informational pod casts.

I am a pretty avid NPR listener... enjoy the educational component. Currently the Morning Edition portion has a series about the Criminal Brain. It has been a fascinating show. Brain chemistry, nature vs. nurture and genetic predisposition. Although the information presented is just a glimpse into the research which is essentially in its infancy stages, I am seeking to learn more! I recall how mundane science courses were back in high school & college. Total respect for the field!