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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Help our Mother (Earth)

The United States is resident to many well educated people. It does baffle me that another country was able to not only redevelop land that was once used as a landfill into the amazing structure that plans for erosion, but was eco-savvy enough to have the bio gas that is released from the decomposition of the landfill converted into electricity. How cool is that!? While here @ home, there are people who are not willing to compromise on more efficient ways to support our struggling mass transit system. We shut down a major artery into the city for 3 + years & they still don't see the "forest for the trees."... jeez!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Educating the community on Autism

Today was the Walk Now for Autism in Forest Park. The event had over 20,000 people participating. It was great to see the array of colored shirts that represented the walking teams, which were dedicated to someone affected by Autism. I was struck with 2 feelings simultaneously. First I thought wow, such a great turnout, then doing some calculating how many affected individuals were represented in one group today. So many people with stories of hope... progress... frustration.. fear... and PRIDE.

Walking for Tony today, I was filled with a bubble of gratitude for the professionals researching this disorder and families willing to try anything, in hopes that it may flip the switch. I remember the trips to the Spitz Clinic in Media, PA where we met with top names in the field back in the 80's. Tony's brain surgery. Days filled with patterning exercises that my parents & I did with him throughout each day. The glimmer in Tony's eye when he remembers the good stuff. The moments that I shared with Tony that he spoke to me, ever so briefly, and the moment vanished.

Then,my thoughts drifted to the people in my life who are affected as well. Their children are significantly younger than Tony. How lucky they are (in relation to the under educated 70's era) to have the resources & support of professional agencies. Legislatively, we still have a ways to go with the financial & medical support that is needed.
After the walk, I met up with the local radio station & thanked them for spotlighting & sponsoring the event and giving autism a voice in the community. This was not a heavily covered media event but the station did a nice job of discussing issues throughout the week & the morning show team stayed through the event. I was able to share Tony's story and describe growing older & the continued challenges. It wasn't a sad story to tell, because Tony has benefited so much from caring staff members, local community members who allow him to enjoy life (like Doc's Harley's in Kirkwood) and a family (including the crazy pup who does her part to keep him in line) that pulled together to make it work.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Canine Parenting

Dog ownership: This is not for the weak or timid! We brought Chloe Simone into our home about a year & 4 months ago at the young age of (roughly)8 weeks. She was just this tiny black fluff ball that was at our mercy. She has certainly grown this past year. We have had free romps through the subdivision, close encounters with wildlife (squirrels & rabbits are FUN to chase) and some great times playing in the water in the hot summer sun. This past weekend, however, we had a "first" (at least that we are aware of) that wasn't such fun. I see Chloe stretched out comfortably in the living room mouthing something. Then I see it is shiny & long, like a pin or paperclip. As I do my best to have her trade me for a piece of bread I see her "successfully" swallow the object. I watch her for any ill effects, read up on emergency vets in the area to do an x-ray (not in the current budget) & get to over see her eliminations for signs of blood. 24 hours from the ordeal, she has YET to show any ill effects from her shiny treat. Needless to say I have swept through the house & checked to ensure mini objects are well contained. And the waiting continues!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall is here

This weekend was a wonderful outdoor time. Lots of yardwork & tree trimming was on the to-do list. Seems as though when the weather gets cooler, the world becomes a more cozy place to exist. Our senses get a jolt from the warm cinnamon aroma from apple cider, the crunch of the leaves as we walk in the woods, juicy apples with sticky caramel await after supper.

Looking forward to cooking chili, pumpkin soup, carrot cake & G's favorite loaded baked potato soup.