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Monday, October 6, 2008

Canine Parenting

Dog ownership: This is not for the weak or timid! We brought Chloe Simone into our home about a year & 4 months ago at the young age of (roughly)8 weeks. She was just this tiny black fluff ball that was at our mercy. She has certainly grown this past year. We have had free romps through the subdivision, close encounters with wildlife (squirrels & rabbits are FUN to chase) and some great times playing in the water in the hot summer sun. This past weekend, however, we had a "first" (at least that we are aware of) that wasn't such fun. I see Chloe stretched out comfortably in the living room mouthing something. Then I see it is shiny & long, like a pin or paperclip. As I do my best to have her trade me for a piece of bread I see her "successfully" swallow the object. I watch her for any ill effects, read up on emergency vets in the area to do an x-ray (not in the current budget) & get to over see her eliminations for signs of blood. 24 hours from the ordeal, she has YET to show any ill effects from her shiny treat. Needless to say I have swept through the house & checked to ensure mini objects are well contained. And the waiting continues!!!

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