Wordle: snow

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Well, hello there!

This new exhibit is going to be amazing. We have a traveling exhibit of Seward Johnson's works that is quite entertaining.

Here is a glimpse of what has popped up around town this past week:


Inga's Notepad said...

Look at the fellow dozing in the chair. Someone called 911 to report a man who was unresponsive at the park. HA!! He does look a tad pasty in person.

Saphron said...

LOL!! I was just about to say that if I'd seen the dozing man I would have thought he was real! And someone actually called 911! TOO funny!

I'd also like to add that like a true Aquarius you are all about change. Every time I you find a new blog design that I like, you change it! This one will take some getting used to....