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Friday, May 21, 2010

Outta the ZONE... comfort zone

Can I say that Senior year of high school has to be one of the most expensive years of school (other than university). Since I wasn't working, funds were at a critical level, so every expense was evaluated for priority. So the studio pictures for Senior year didn't happen. I was going to have a photographically talented friend take on this task, but alas, the family schedules never seemed to gel at the same time. I took on the task with some trepidation, as I seem to work best with objects & animals rather than people. But.. time was slipping away and quickly. Grabbed the point & shoot digital, kid & a couple of outfits & head to a local park & then I have always enjoyed the sitting on the train tracks pictures (I see it as a metaphor for the long track ahead in life...wherever it may lead) so I planned out a trip there as well.

The time of day was less than desirable for a couple of these shots, but we actually had sunshine of a good portion of the day & I had to work with what I had. Regardless, I am rather pleased with several of these. I see room for improvement for things I may do in the future.

When bringing these to a local photo kiosk, I had an employee tell me that making unauthorized copies of professional photos was against policy. With a big grin I told him that I took these photos & he then inquired if I was a professional photographer. Hmmmm?Made my day!

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Saphron said...

Yay!!! Great job, Inga!

I was thinking, 'she should have asked me,' and then instantly realized that I would have been a nervous wreck. I don't 'do people' either. :P

While in NC several people asked me if I was a photography student. Didn't get the 'professional' question...guess it's because yet another person recently told me I look no more than 22. :\

(This post title makes me think "Get in the zone...Auto Zone!!")