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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We become so vulnerable when we are without gainful employment. So many temptations to lure us away from the course. The computer screen blinking with shiny letters, a path to excitement, the local scrapbook store offering a "FREE" workshop (yeah, like I have the self-discipline to attend the workshop & walk out empty handed),or the comfortable sofa near the fireplace with the puppy dozing.

I think I've found a passion within me to wake early for a vigorous walk, coffee at the local coffee shop (my one indulgence) and work within my community to make it a better place. Laying around just isn't my style. I 've used this opportunity to have exeriences that (hopefully) enrich my life as well as re-connect with my family. I enjoy the stories shared by my parents, learning things about them that amaze me.

LIfe in the slower lane isn't so bad after all. Not a place I plan to linger, but I plan to enjoy the commute from this viewpoint while it presents itself.

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