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Friday, March 6, 2009

Sir, you are doing it all wrong...

While working on some projects in the comfort of the local coffee shop, I can't help but overhear this gentleman who is apparently in sales for some type of software. He has a call list, highlighter & cell phone armed and dangerous... he seemed organized.

Then the calls began, his approach was brash, cold and seemingly unsuccessful. I shake my head quietly and see where things are going wrong.

This guy must have a reputation around town as he can't seem to get past the receptionist via telephone. The guy's boss shows up to compare notes on his progress & he has an impressive list (probably 40 +) of who he has contacted but no action on follow ups. He talks about problems but doesn't come up with is evident that this company is hurting.

Shall I step over & introduce myself?? HA!

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