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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The power of ONE

Tonight I experienced one of those heart warming moments as a parent. My son had campaigned to be president of his high school theater club. There were 2 other people running for the office as well.

Prior to the reveal of the officer positions, the theater teacher/director had mentioned that the person who was elected by one vote. She went on to speak of the power of one voice, one person, one chance. So, that part alone got me thinking how my son had taken a chance, put himself out there to be judged by his peers (something I NEVER would have done @ his age, I liked my anonymity then). I reflected on the passion and energy he had in composing his speech late into the evenings, the diligence he took with his campaign posters (never recall such nice writing). Today, he brought 2 trays of brownies for his theater group of friends & wished his competitors a "happy president's day"...cute gesture.

So, here we are, the big moment. Each current officer has a bag of items to welcome the new inductee. The current president revealed that it was one of Gabe's competitors & I had a small sinking feeling in my heart, but only to be welled up with tears of pride to see him rise to his feet to give her a standing ovation. He was honestly thrilled that she got the position. She was crying out of disbelief & joy that she got the nomination. His friends give him hugs and offer kind words, knowing he really wanted the position, but he never gave anyone the impression he was upset. Gabe gave me that knowing wink from across the room & the tears came streaming down. This was my boy, now I see the man he will become. A good hearted man who gives it his all, regardless of status.

He ended up with some other notable recognitions; the only underclassman (not a senior) to accumulate over 50points for the International Thespian Society and the 2009 most promising Technical Theater Award as a Junior.

I am feeling the good karma tonight for my son.

I believe in the power of one!


Fly Girl said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I know you must be so proud of him. He does sound like he's going to be -- already is -- a man of character.

Cheers to Gabe for being such a hard worker and good sport. The payoffs down the road will be tremendous!


Saphron said...

Awwww. You've gone and raised a good man. :)