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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are you a teacher?....

This weekend, I was manning a booth at the local Strassenfest for an agency at which I volunteer There was a color/cut/assemble/embellish activity for the kids. I'm a natural with kids & although I haven't been around the littler set for a while, I guess I haven't lost my touch. Parents were helping the kids 'hurry' through the project. I explained this was a great time to just enjoy the quiet time with their kids who were actually occupied. Funny how some dads had their Blackberries out or stood back with their beer mug while the moms took over the role. After encouraging some of them, the dads did start to get into the activity @ some level. Some of the assembly I would walk the kids through in a patient voice & let them do the work. Several parents would ask, "Are you a teacher?" I would admit by training I was, but had been out of the classroom for several years. I was told that the most frustrating part of the project I kept the kids involvement whereas they would have just "lost it" with the kids & just done it to get it finished.

Every child left with a big smile on their face that reminded me why I got into education!

I posed the question to several families, perhaps it was rhetorical, maybe not...

Funny how we encourage our children to get into art projects... "go on, try it", we tell them. However as adults, we shy away from this area. Why is that?!

Guess people were too busy with all their adult business to consider creativity!

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