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Sunday, September 13, 2009

In the cool, cool, cool of the evening...

My life has been quite a whirlwind of activity (unusual for an unemployed gal, no?) the past few weeks, keeping me from posting my innermost thoughts.

I am entering a chapter in my life that is quite foreign to me. Aging, medically bound parents, a brother with special needs that doesn't comprehend the challenges they are facing & reacts with his own series of issues.

Then, my son is getting closer to high school graduation, applications & letters piled up in our mailbox daily, postcards from XYZ University touting statistics on glossy cardstock, it's all approaching at once. (** I'll be glad once the decision is final... the mail carrier has been getting quite a work out)

I am trying to "get" where my parents are mentally with this whole aging process. My father seems to be fighting all his medical battles rather well, although I hear his heavy sighs every so often. Mom is all emotion about the issues she faces. I do wish she took more interest in the life around her & be less of a recluse. She is content with library books & listening to music/watching TV. I encourage them to go out on a "date"somewhere, but reasons come up to stay home.

I wish they they would go out, learn something new... keep their minds alive with new ideas, people, etc.

I enjoy the place our home has become. Not just the physical improvements/decorating of the building, but the "feel" of the house. It seems to be a smoother run system of chores/duties & the ambience is tranquil (compared to walking in after working a 10 hour day with a list of grievances & duties to attend to within the next 3 hours if I was to get any sleep).

Granted, financially, this unemployment was a blow. However, as a family, it allowed us to re-evalute what our priorities are. I felt really guilty intially, thinking that all the health issues were being kept at bay because I was not able to get off work to help with ???. I got over it eventually & channeled the energy to become the family health/medical/household manager.

Putting things in order helps me get my mental chaos in check. Just uncertain how the cards we've been dealt will be played out in the end.

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Saphron said...

Awww, Binga. :)

My dad's mom, who passed away in '01, was a "recluse" in hindsight. My mom always lamented how she (my grandmother) sat in the house day after day, watching her stories, reading, not doing much else.

My mom is such the epitome of a Type A go-getter, however, that I only realized after Grandmother died that she wanted it that way. She didn't go out and live it up because she preferred staying home, it was what made her, as an introvert, most happy. (As you may have seen, I have had a lot to say about introverts - and don't worry, you're one of the "good" extraverts! :D )

So while it seems like your mom is not living life to the fullest, maybe in her way, she is.

But, that's just my humble opinion. Everyone's different from everyone else in big and small ways.