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Thursday, January 14, 2010


The television news stations are riddled with images such as these. As I sit in my relatively spacious intact home, watching the footage of the aftermath, I have a surge in my stomach, (perhaps my soul) that aches for these people.Their lives just getting back to normal from a hurricane a few years ago. And now this.

Lives changed forever, children left orphans (one baby was shown 15 days old... mother was crushed in collapse, infant just had lacerations, cared for by Dr. Sanjay Gupta), parents losing children.... just horrific reality. And it IS reality. Just, not ours (directly)

Feeling helpless, what can I do? I contact red cross (line is busy, go figure,) end up e-mailing a list of my abilities, skills and contact information, I have little $$ to survive on myself (unemployed for a year and a week), but I have 2 hands and a caring heart that can , and need to help.

A simple yet honest quote I encountered:

"All that matters is what we do for each other." -- Lewis Carroll

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Saphron said...

I often think about how the horrific things we can only catch glimpses of are the day-to-day realities of millions of people around the globe. I'm actually working on a post about that right now.

Did the Red Cross contact you back? They'd better, you're awesome!