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Monday, February 15, 2010

Girl for Hire

What does a girl need to get work in this town??

Current resume -- check
Glowing references--- check
Complete Work history detail---check
Professional attire-- check
Decent interpersonal skills -- check

I've done the song & dance plenty. I know what employers are looking for in an employee (I WAS the one inerviewing employees). As sincere as I am in these meetings, I really want to end the interview with.... "So rather than wasting any more time & energy, this job seems pleasant enough, just tell me now if my application is being tucked away by the time I leave this parking lot".

Occasionally I see potential in a position & I then learn from the cold voice at the other end "Oh... we forgot to update the website, sorry, we filled that last week."

I know I am a capable individual that can adapt to many environments, but it does get discouraging to get a foot halfway in the door to learn they just needed a doorstop.

Back to the drawing board....

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