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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love your local...

I adore mom & pop shops! With commercialism at its peak in this decade, the independent merchant is struggling to survive (if they haven't already succumbed to pressure) against the "big guys". You are certain to see me perusing the aisles of those stores for the necessities weekly. When looking for a special occasion gift, a hard to find culinary item or unique book, I am more than likely popping into an IR!

Here is a local bookseller (Subterranean Books) that is a refuge for me!

When looking for unique cooking ingredients, I am apt to head to Global Foods and end with a full cart of culinary delights!

Plowsharing Crafts is another gem in our town! All sorts of cool items from all over the world. Like a museum that is hands on (mostly). Earlier this week I saw crucifixes made from empty bullet shells from Liberia. The artist wanted to create peace after the awful devastation that struck that country... I seriously got chills holding it in my hand & reading the card.
On a lighter note... the "singing bowls" are Gabe's go-to item. (I think if we bought one he would never use it).

I could seriously have a whole blog (hmmm??) dedicated to the local merchants that I support or know people directly affiliated with them. Should you ever be so inclined to visit such an establishment in "the 'Lou"... my suggestion is YES! We will all be better off because you did!

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