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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whatever happened to....

random acts of kindness ? Since technology has prevailed in our daily lives, we seem to have cocooned ourselves with headphones, smart phones, mp3 players and assorted electronic media as we journey through our daily lives. The external populous has become white noise in the background.

Customer service (it was once referred to as the 'courtesy center') is more of a "job" such as helping a customer locate a hard to find item or escorting customers to their car. If another some caring citizen were to help an individual to their car, we would immediately jump to the conclusion this person may be some type of perpetrator intending harm.

Yet, when people are asked to help with locating a missing person, donating blood, time or food for a cause, people consider it an intrusion.

Society seems to have become a catalyst for selfishness. Materialism (hell, just watch television for 1 hour on a weekend Saturday morning, that is where it all begins!!)

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Saphron said...

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