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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Certainly not like Monet!

A trip to the Art Museum makes me feel inspired to be creative. Perusing through the expansive galleries is a trip through history. When ancient people had nothing more than the tools they created with their bare hands, the meticulous handiwork astounds me.

Today we are provided with gadgets and instructions how to recreate masterpieces... why not establish your own!?

I attempt to free my mind of life's distractions prior to making a trip to the museum in order to fully appreciate the talents of those who toiled (or perhaps not) hours, months, years to create the works that grace the walls of our local (and FREE) cultural venue.

Occasionally I feel a bit intimidated looking at these pieces, frustrated at my limitations in the realm of art. The "mind's eye" is complex going from concept to the process of delivery. Photography is the most satisfying as it is the most direct route.

Perhaps when freeing up my art/creativity space, I shall surround myself with...
artful inspiration!

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