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Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm feeling pretty good about my creative side stepping out today. Perhaps it was the fact that I started my day with Highlander Grogg... best brew evah!!

Anyway... I have not been inspired in a creative sense for quite a while. I have a plethora of various craft supplies that I have considered putting up for bids on eBay. I miss the joy that my handiwork gave me, mostly when I made things for others to enjoy. I sternly reprimanded myself (geez, I can be a real bitch!) and made a promise that within 6 weeks I would make 1 project per week or off to eBay we go.

In an effort to get some mileage out of my stash, I created a couple of ribbon organizers, much like the ones sold at craft stores for $15 +.

I gathered:
  • shoeboxes with lids
  • eyelet punch
  • hammer
  • dowel rod
  • Xacto knife
  • ribbon mess!
Granted the end result was a bit wonky! The slot was a bit slanted, I think it only adds to the charm of it all.

Here's how the final product turned out:

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