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Monday, March 30, 2009

It's all coming back to me now...


When I initially became an educator, I was ready to take on the world. I was young, passionate, resourceful and naive. I was assigned children who were diagnosed with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders only to have them become exemplary students within a few months time. Believing in the children & their capabilities was the first step.

Mr. Esquith was able to demonstrate what a wonderful experience education can be. In his writings he tells tales of co-workers who feel his classroom is an exercise in chaos. Oh, if only I could work in the same facility as him & tap into that energy & dedication!

Rereading his books has begun to re-ignite my passion for education again. My adult brain had been cluttered with legalese, licensing regulations, policies and procedures that were "conventiently applicable" in prior employment venues. With that melee aside, I will now replace it with the inspirational words of educational professionals that demonstrate the passion that I once did to create a future society of caring, well-educated citizens of the world.

Peace to you, Rafe!


Fly Girl said...

I need to read this, too. March has been a stressful month for me at school. Our instructional calendar was "rearranged" this year and they cut two classes - literature and language arts - down to one class, so I've had to teach and keep in mind three state assessments (reading, language arts, and a writing assessment) while teaching what was once two hours into just one.

I didn't realize that you teach, or else in my daily rush of activity, had forgotten. I'm a middle school teacher - 8th grade.


Fly Girl said...

Meant to tell you that I your background looks nice!