Wordle: snow

Thursday, November 13, 2008

In a need of a thunderstorm!

We are a thunderstorm


we are single drops of rain,

falling silently into the dust,

offering scant promise of moisture thirsty land.

but together,

we can nourish the earth

and revive its hopes and dreams.


we are a thunderstorm.

Poem by Amity Gaige

I was first introduced to this poem in college. In its simplicity, I find the message encouraging. After 20 years of life experience behind me, I revisit this work in a new light. Not only in a dynamic period in society, but also as a manager of people.

How does one foster the flame within them to want to help "nourish" the Earth, or their environment? Who will help you want to revive your hopes and dreams? No one will do it for you, that is certain.

I protect my flame daily & turn my back to the harsh wind of resistance. I refuse to allow my flame to die out, in fear that it will not re-light.

I am tired of feeling thirsty!

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