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Friday, November 14, 2008

Let's play... 20 questions!

1. If you could take more control of one aspect of your life, what would it be?
I would like to control how much time/energy I use at work. I come home exhausted and too tired to enjoy being at home.

2. If you were to state the difference between the male soul and the female soul, what would it be?
The male soul seeks pleasure, the female soul,harmony

3. If you had to give control of your destiny to any one person, who would get it? Not sure I am ready to give up control to anyone in my life.

4. If after you die your spirit could protect anyone in the world, who would you pick? My brother

5. If you were to name the most comforting thing for you to hold in your hands, what would it be? Chloe, my dog, gives me comfort

6. If you were to leave instructions for what music would be played at your funeral or wake, what would it be? Oh, I've thought this out before.... I would have smooth jazz playing throughout the service, but fun stuff. I want people remembering the love I had for music in my life.

7. If you could learn one thing (but only one thing) about your own death right now, what would you want it to be? Was I with my family?

8. If you made a very big mistake of some kind, who, of the people you know, would you first confess it to? I guess I'd tell Ana (hopefully it wasn't with her)

9. If you were to describe your attitude toward sin, what would you say? Sin is succumbing to desire because of one's own weakness.

10. If you could ask a psychic one question, knowing you would get a true answer, what would you ask? Will I be with my soul mate through my sunset years?

11. If there was one primary law or principle you lived by, what would you say it was? Those who say it can't be done need to get out of the way of those doing it! (I read this in a magazine & was amazed at its honesty!)

12. If you had to name the best thing about getting older, what would you say it is? Hmmm, that you pawn off housework on your children?

13. If you were to select a person whose persona does not fit their body type, who would it be? Me - 100%

14. If you were to name three people throughout your life that helped to complete you as a person, who would they be? Sr. John (teach from the heart), Leo Buscaglia (keep the child inside you alive & playing), RT (making me a complete parent, which is what I guess is how it was supposed to be all along).

15. If you were to say there is a person who truly practices what they preach, who would it be? Hmmm, gotta get back to this one

16. If you were to name the most comforting place to be touched by another's hands, where would it be? My shoulders

17. If you were to name the one thing you have the most compassion for, what would it be? children... they are so vulnerable!

18. If you had to admit the most selfish thing you do on a regular basis, what would you say? Closing my door to be alone when I should be with my family.

19. If you were to design a room for contemplation, what would it look like, and what would be in it? Breezy, water falls, lots of fabrics in earth tones (moss, sand,chocolate) and candles, music (smooth jazz/new age/Celtic)

20. If you had to pick one dream you've had that came closest to coming true, which was it? Raising a child (although at times it may seem like a nightmare!)

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