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Thursday, November 6, 2008

There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter & noise.

I work with children daily. The giggles, shrieks & sobs are part of the daily acoustics at my job (along with the telephone, keyboard & printer). However, the sounds of children are comforting to me. I enjoy the incessant "why ?" questions of preschoolers, the emerging language of toddlers, and the stories of the"big" kids with larger than life details of storytelling.

Without this soundtrack, my life would seem less colorful, less rewarding, and much more serious. Children bring levity to so many conversations and situations. Don't just listen to the children, HEAR them. All to often, I have my "grown up moments" where I smile and dash off the the next task at hand. But sitting in the classroom with my little buddies in the two year old classroom this morning, brought it all back into focus. Thanks, guys, I needed that!

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Saphron said...

Yeah, my preschool buddies gave me a cold today. Thanks, guys, I needed that! :-p