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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Would you? Could you?

If you had to give up one of your 5 senses for the remainder of your life, which would you choose & why?

I am fond of all of my 5 well-functioning senses, but I think I would sacrifice my sense of taste (but I could still smell, I'd hope). This would help with weight management since I could not taste the delicious culinary creations. Definitely a deterrent to eating. The closest I have come to experiencing this sensation was when I was sick. I really didn't miss the taste sensation, but kinda remembered what certain foods smelled. Since I enjoy cooking, I would be at a disadvantage of tasting my creations, but providing food for others to enjoy would make me happy within the process.

Since I am visual person, I would have a hard time giving up sight. I enjoy photography and reading, things not easily translated into other modalities. Scrapbooking is an appealing hobby for me and the visual memories trigger other senses (mostly sounds). Also, today's environment is not user friendly to those with visual impairments (lots of corrective options, though).

I think olfactory (smell) senses are tied closely to memory banks within the brain. I mean, we have the reactive (eew! the milk is bad) or(uh, fire?!?) senses built within to keep us from harm. I am thinking more of, how I can walk into my grandmother's home after a decade absence and be inundated with memories just by smelling the air when opening the wooden door that leads to her home of over 60 years. Memories that are illuminated as I burn scented candles when decorating the family Christmas tree. There are memories still tucked away in my mind that have yet to be unleashed. Remember the concept of smell-o-vision ? I'm thinkin', a bit CrAzY, but I see where they were going with that!

Nor could I surrender the aural calm created by listening to music like Acoustic Alchemy or Dave Koz in stressful times. I couldn't bear missing opportunities to hear my son sing. These past 4 years, his voice has developed into this rich tone that just amazes me every time I hear him sing (serious music).Although I dislike having to LISTEN and be on alert throughout the day, I do like when I can be a passive rather than active listener.

Losing the sense of touch would make me feel dehumanized. In my profession (I am a child care manager), I am deluged with hugs, pokes and squeezes throughout my hectic day. These are some of the brighter parts of my day & remind me how important my job is to these little ones. I am not so inclined to give up something that is rewarding. I have not had many physical relationships in the past few years & I miss the caress of my neck, arms. I find that sense comforting & grounding, that perhaps allows for some inner peace.

Here's hoping I keep my senses with me for quite a while!


Fly Girl said...

What a gift you just gave me by linking to my site! I absolutely adore your page design. It's beautiful! And I enjoyed reading this posting. I've often thought about sight versus sound... I love to hear ocean waves whether they are crashing onto shore or gently lapping. Yet, I, too, am a very visual person. I have to agree with your idea about taste. The weight management issue makes total sense!

I can't wait to explore your pages in more detail. I'll be back!

Saphron said...

Wow, you really pontificated, huh? ;)

And I see you've made a new friend.

I do love your page. I'm scared that if I try to change my layout I'll lose everything. How easy was it for you?

Anyways, the loss of the sense of touch wouldn't be so bad at work; then I couldn't feel kids tapping me on the arm 85 times because they think maybe I didn't notice they were tapping me on the arm 85 times.