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Monday, November 17, 2008

Modern-day Cheapskates

After reading this article, I thought of my budget and how I try to monitor my spending. I certainly do not have a social life that empties my wallet. Heck, just traveling 80 miles round trip to work is enough to make me cry at the end of the day!

These are things I do as a practicing cheapskate:

* Visit the library often to get my literary fix.
* Enjoy creating home-made goodies that are far less pricier than bistro menu items.
* Have learned the value of Redbox (also library) rather than the box office ;we're talking big $$ these days.

* I print or e-mail my own photos to family & friends. Love the quality, but I have yet to take a professional caliber photo worthy of the $

* Keep the technology simple & up to date as possible. Seeking bargains, my laptop was a floor model, software discounts through graduate school program.

* Coupons, use them, it is surprising how much $ you save in a month. Be smart about it though.

* I love candlelight. I use candleight in the evening to save energy, make the house smell good & relax in the aroma that surrounds me.

After reading this article, I want to challenge myself, yet not put a burden on others to cover the check. As much as the economy is in a slump, I don't feel the need to spend the last of my savings on holiday gifts. I think that handmade gifts is the route I will be taking this year. I've tacked up many ideas on my inspiration board in my home office that I have yet to explore. I still think handmade gifts can be functional, not just that kitschy crap that ends up in garage sales in the spring. Not sure what the end result is going to look, but it will be worth trying!
Watch this space ...

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